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Advantages of Senyonet for Facility Managers

Reduces Costs
Reduces Costs
Increases Productivity
Increases Productivity
Effective Budget Management
Effective Budget Management
Brand Specific Mobile Application
Brand Specific Mobile Application
Effective Asset and Service Management
Effective Asset and Service Management
Easy Integration with All Software
Easy Integration with All Software


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It is a cloud-based applications platform that meets the basic needs of the managers of facilities such as apartments, housing estates, residences and business centers in the widest scope.

Senyonet VAR

It is a cloud-based asset and service management software that meets the management of services such as cleaning, security and technical services of facilities with maximum efficiency and the latest technologies.

Senyonet IoT

It is our solution that enables the transformation of data at the desired points of the facilities into useful information by sensors or devices.

Senyonet API

It is our product that enables all software to integrate with Senyonet and receive and send data.

Senyonet Branding

It is a solution that enables management companies or Site Managements to publish mobile and web applications with their own brands and logos.

Those who make site management easier with Senyonet

The services we offer to our customers with care have only one goal: To make them happy! Listen to Senyonet, which facilitates your Housing Estate, Office and Shopping Mall management, from those who use it.

As Se Club, we have undertaken the management of many A Plus Residence and Business Centers in the sector. We know how correct our choice is with the fast support of Senyonet's expert staff, who are experts in having our reports complete and ready in the system and ending manual processes in this way.

Ahmet Öztürk
Se Club - Financial and Administrative Affairs Manager

We have experienced a complex process in our housing estate management to meet our living spaces and the needs of our residents. When we needed more professional management tools, we met Senyonet. Now we can follow all our administrative processes such as renovations, dues and payments from a single point and manage them easily.

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Fulya Houses Complex Management

If you want to eliminate the complexity in facility management, start using Senyonet now

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