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Senyonet is a cloud-based applications platform that meets the basic needs of the managers of facilities such as apartments, housing estates, residences and business centers with the widest scope and the latest technologies and is offered with a subscription (Saas) model.

Senyonet offers practical, secure and high user experience solutions with its modules developed for the needs of administrations.

Senyonet is successfully used in thousands of facilities today with its modular structure where all processes can be managed end-to-end and 23 years of facility management experience.


Basic Functions

Dues Tracking
Operating and Investment Budget Creation and Realized Follow-up
Online Bank Integration
Credit card single shot and installment collection
Unified accounting system
Sending e-mails and SMS to residents
Push Notification sending
Multi-Language Support (English and Russian)
Service Contracts Tracking
Procurement Process Management
Demand/Work Management
Visitor Tracking

Application Components

Resident web application
Resident Mobile App (IOS and Android)
Backoffice App
Manager Mobile App (IOS and Android)

Product Advantages

User-friendly, easy to operate on screens
Recognizing the right to receive on-site or distance education
Transferring existing data to the system quickly and accurately
Having the right to unlimited participation in trainings organized in Senyonet office
Ability to use Senyonet cloud servers
Server infrastructure service backed up with the most advanced security measuresv
Enhance data security with authorization permissions and IP restrictions
Providing services with a software infrastructure that is constantly updated with the latest technologies
Instant support via remote connection,
call center or e-mail
Recording history in detail for each transaction, such as maker, done, date, IP
Providing services with the "Software Integrated System Policy" which is a part of ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 27001 ISMS Integrated Quality Management System
Ability to export all relevant screens to media such as Excel, PDF, Web, XML, Text
Ability to see apartment and person information; CRM, dues tracking, accounting, online dues collection, online bank integration and debt notifications
Seamless management of accounting, dues tracking, public relations, cleaning and security processes in the business process of housing estate, residence and shopping mall managements, reporting infrastructure that the board of directors, supervisory board and independent auditors can see instantly

If you want to eliminate the complexity in facility management, start using Senyonet now

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