Integrated System Policy

Founded in 1996 with the establishment of Senkron Tech and then transformed into a separate company structure with the growth of the project, SENYONET is the leading company in the sector with the management software solutions it has developed. The journey that started with office management software has continued with the development of SENYONET for houses, housing estates and residences. SENYONET, which sets out with the principle of 'management from a single center' in multi-household and multi-operation structures, provides a world-class tracking and integration process for site and housing managements.

SENYONET, which regularly develops and strengthens its infrastructure with a professional and experienced team in the field, offers practical, secure and high user experience solutions for property management needs.

Our company has established and implemented its Quality and Information Security Management System policy around the following principles.

Quality Service
To produce effective and technological solutions
Ensure happy and satisfied customers
Complying with laws and regulations without compromise
Recognizing our customers and employees as a source of wealth
To provide the necessary trust to the relevant parties by implementing information and data security in all processes
To comply with the requirements of the Quality and Information Security Management System and to ensure continuous improvement
To evaluate possible Risks and Opportunities within the scope of all activities, to systematically embed a culture of prevention in our company
Sharing our approach and priorities with the public and other interest groups

The work and conscious actions of our company personnel around these principles are of utmost importance for the effectiveness of our established management systems.

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